Pirates & Cupcakes, Mermaids & Tacos Party.  

nice lunch with emilee, daunie and joe stone at dunn meadow.
emilee brought a vegan strawberry-blackberry pie. kugel?
that was chowed immensely by me.

the party was at
daunie's house, her first "house show". starring ANDY D.
tacos & cupcake kabobs.

the night was spent gabbling amongst each other, eating tacos filled with tvp soy, watching turtle sex and ogling mickey's purple boobs.





apple slices
baked apple butter
agave nectar

also had a burrito as lunch. wheat tortilla with cooked up, mashed up chickpeas and olive oil, cumin, braggs, black pepper, green pepper,
avocado to dress and lettuce, blackened tofu, salad dressing, sprounts.


muppet stew  

saturday was pad thai day with daunie. i say day because we always make a day of pad thai, eating it over the course of a few hours and watching a show. we watched THE STATE. cute dark haired boys eating muppet. not enough bean sprounts...tofu like a fried/panfried chicken.
discovered bear naked trail mix yesterday at julia's...addicted.
"continental divide blend" hoo hoo...has chocolate chips, banana chips, almonds, chocolate clusters.
rode bike all around today in pink. couldn't find the pinball machine at the union, but i liked the tudor room...harry potter-esquey. dropped off a few invitations...went to the hub. riding again!


chanterelle ice cream.  

Watching andy and victoria's kitties! gus gus smashy face kitty. he just sneezed.

lunch with mickey was delicious on thursday. he got a homegrown burrito in a bowl. i got the pestato loaded with roasted potatoes and vegan pesto.
afterwards we walked to chocolate moose and i got a lemon italian ice in a cake cone. mickey got his usual strawberry in a pointy sugar cone.
we visited the costume shop and i bought face paint for the tacos & cupcakes, pirates & mermaids party on thursday.

i hiked 2 miles with daun later on, to the secret location where her and the girls camped last night. we found chanterelles and a blue mushroom. iggy laid in a mud hole.

hot dog eating contest on "meatballs" movie.


brownie-stuffed cupcakes!  

Last night Miss Julia, sagittarius had a dinner party for mickey! i baked some brownies that were bubbly and really gooey, so i baked peanut butter cupcakes too. when the cupcakes came out, i made a hole in the middle of each of them and shoved in a brownie wad. (vctotw peanut butter cupcakes, with a brownie recipe on the back of the ghiradelli sweet chocolate cocoa mix, veganized) we had lasagna, bread, salad, cantaloupe, cherries, blackberries, and wine. by the end of the night i was so tired and i rode the bike home in the rain. it is dark today and rainy. i'd like to go hiking! tomorrow i'm taking mickey to laughing planet for lunchins and burritos. *yesterday i ended up touring part of bloomington in rashad's car with him and TyLea. He is looking around for apartments. we visited daun at bfoods (rashad used this word, already using the local lingo) and they ate at wendys. their hamburger was wrapped in a package marked hamburger. toured the music store and tylea mentioned the pink ice cream that mickey was eating, so i showed them the way to The Chocolate Moose. TyLea got exactly what mickey got, 2 scoops of strawberry in a sugar cone and Rashad got a giant chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich! I snapped photos of them. (photos to be added later today)


ms. apple butters  

It's not fall but i had smashed apple spread, jarred.
andy & victoria had some, i'm assuming old, baked apple butter in the back of their fridge when i stayed there, and i spread it on my peanut butter sandwich and it was tooth achingly sugary sweet. i watched jane fonda while consuming it. sugar blonde. sugar spread.
so i came back "home" to b-ton yesterday. fancied a stop in nashville for a jar of baked apple butter, and a smoothie sugar strawberry smoothie at hal's.
daun brought home from work, big puffer ginger cookies frosted on top with her apple butter frosting.
whoa whoa whoa.
she said it is- powdered sugar, earth balance, and apple butter. work it out with a frosting beater.


witch hot dog bowl.  

exciting pleasure (tylea's name on my guestbook.)

went to see mandy today at work, bought a bag of 70 purple balloons, unicorn invitations! and a giant shiny pink flamingo for the party in bloomington.
i ate raw for breaky and lunch.
then dinner i cooked a huge pot of vegan mac and cheez with peas and cut-up smart dogs.
i ate a big really dirty bowl of it while watching Bell, Book & Candle. My boyfriend Mr. Jack Lemmon. and beautiful Kim Novak.
dame darcy reviewed it in one of her meatcake comics and i got it at the library today.
[no photo] because my camera has not batteries. it has of the zero number of batteries.
tomorrow is perhaps rollerskating with katie, and maybe target for some hair colour.


ball form- raw samoas  

Back to some raw foods now that I am home again for awhile. My food processor is wounded, so I mixed up these cookies:

Heavenly Cookies

*Since I used peanut butter, these taste like raw samoa girl scout cookies!*

Yield approximately 10 cookie balls

From Kristen's Raw

¼ cup + 2 tablespoons raw nut butter (I used crunchy natural peanut butter)
½ cup + 2 tablespoons unsweetened, dried coconut
½ cup raisins
2 tablespoons raw agave nectar (I prefer the light agave)
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
pinch Himalayan crystal salt
dash cinnamon

Stir everything together in a bowl with a spoon (large bowl and spoon if you’re making a double or triple batch). Then, take a moment and mash it together with your hands. Yes, it’s sticky and gooey, but it’s fun and you still have to roll them so you’ll be getting sticky and gooey anyway. Using a 1-tablespoon measured amount of cookie batter, roll them into balls. Store these in the refrigerator or freezer. *I added cocoa to a few of them, but I like them plainly much betterer*


Hot dog volcano.  

Last night Daun and Chris went out to dinner and i stayed here, rummaging the internet for cupcake recipes and raw desserts. chatting with tyLea (in las vegas.)
daunie came home with food gifts from kroger...a pack of smart dog
s (my summer love) and a bag of buns, and my peanut butter.
I quickly whipped up the baked bean dip* (other summer love...having affairs of all sorts.) and I cozily fitted 2 smart dogs in one bun, and topped it with yellow mustard, dijon, ketchup, relish, and baked bean sauce-dip.
it overflowed and was a vegan mash taste feast in the mouth.
i had to eat it standing up because daun forced chris and i to watch a youtube video about christian the lion.

this other photo, with skeleton man, is daun's raw cake she made at work. it is ani phyo's raspberry ganache fudge cake.
oh man.
*baked bean dip is courtesy of wolffie in La Dolce Vegan. a summer staple.


this is insane.  

donut holes, hugs, tall bikes!  

finally! donuts for me! vegan styled! met mickey at soma & we walked to the vegan bake-sale benefit. ordered $1 donut holes (cinnamon sugary goo-ness middles) and a bowl of dreamsicle temptation ice cream! $1 melty! delicious. andy d. and i rode on edwin's double tall bike. it was awesome! ("death defying"-andy) the photo at bottom is a representation of the bike (pic from google)...the seat towers over bike racks. it is rather large.
Looks to be a rainy day today...no plans yet.
Cooked some rice on the stove, at which I am horrid at, and 'et it with some curry daun brought home and discovered a huge container of pot pie in the back of the fridge! gaaaaaaaaa. also pictured at top is daun and i's lunch yesterday. a big pot of veggies (red pepper, tomato, asparagus, corn) cooked with marinated seitan and a bit of rice. tasty cheap.

Rollerderby tonight!


toga & floating kombucha fermentation.  

Photo day with Mickey today! He treated me to a B-foods lunch. I grabbed a hefty blackened tofu sandwich & he got veggie sushi. He wore the primary colors and ran thru sprinklers and laughed on the swings. I bought him a pink strawberry 2 scooped pointy sugar cone ice cream cone and we started the "Boys & ice cream" theme...my dream. We shopped at Salvation Army, bought drinks at B-foods (3 visits total today) & I made him a red toga for his toga party tonight. showin' a little leg...really awesome day.
Food was good and satisfyin'


pink frosty on my lips.  

Leftover pizza 2 days ago! Pancake is always present when I snap foody pics. We haven't baked anything new lately, but I am hoping daunie will make ani phyo's raw raspberry chocolate ganache fudge cake and bring me a piece on Friday. i have been craving a donut....that's not normal for me. I remember these super glazed, super soft yeasted donuts Dad and i used to buy. They were in a red and white package and are always at those dusty floored local grocery stores. I used to eat them with milk.
I have a photoshoot planned with Mickey tomorrow! We are lunching and then I'm buying him an ice cream at The Chocolate Moose!
Photos to come of our lunch and him gorging ice cream...and maybe I'll get lucky and eat a vegan donut along the way....


dough dough risin'  

Yesterday was rainy & dark. I traveled to bfoods and the curidrome under my bubble umbrella. bought some japanese orange fizz puccho candy & went home to find candles burning and ramones playing. daun and chris were back from camping and we decided to do a pizza night again! new dough recipe and krogering....3 pizzas later and we were real-axin' on the couch watching Two Fat Ladies in Jamaica. Daun and Chris went to see Public Enemies and I watched Picnic at Hanging Rock. We had late night garlic chunk breadsticks. This morning I started the biscuits and got daunie up to the sound of the kitchenaid. We had biscuits, gravy, and gimme lean faux sausage patttties. Daun and I worked off the sausage thighs at the Y after brunch.

*my pizza= ragu mushroom + pepper sauce, nutritional yeast cheez sauce, red pepper, tomato, green and black olives, avocado, spinach, chili powder, cajun seasoning, and spike seasoning.



Was scouring the internet for recipes, as i usually do when i am a bit boring...
visited raw food blogs again and that got me wanting to start it up once more. i was really raw before i moved down here for the summer, then i got down here and started gorging on vegan smart dogs & daunie's homemade biscuits.
so for dinner i made some banana soft serve ice cream.
just puree frozen bananas until they are really whippy and awesome looking. until they look like silky white velvety mooshy softness that you want to put into your mouth.
i got Gilda from the library, i wanted to watch it again after victoria mentioned it on facebook and said they had her makeup case at the library full of orson welles love letters. i have yet to make an appt. and view it, but it would be lovely to see it.