straw-blerry muffins.  

i wanted something sweet today, but naturally sweet. So i picked out my latest may issue of Vegetarian Times and baked the Lemonberry muffins. I added lemon juice and used strawberries instead of raspberries. I would leave out the gummy strawberries next time, but it is a good base muffin recipe. It uses brown rice syrup. MMMMMM....I ate three!


little loafer.  

baked this loaf of bread today in the bread machine. very dense! and soft. whole wheat white. took 4 hours!


remon pie.  

daunie's melon pie! no, not melon! lemon! just flip the L and E and move them to the front! Made from "The Everyday Vegan"....made a gingersnap crust instead. perty!

hippy brownies!  

my hippy brownies tested for my zine. very sweet and sugary.


Birthday Pie & Beans!  

Here are some pictures to whet your whistle! TyLea's birthday banana cream pie (covered in Johnny Depp) & some spaghetti & Indian Lima Beans (aaaaaaaaaah.)