sticky food summer.  

I have made my specialty again! Cookie sandwiches!
This tyme they are unvegan, loaded with pasture salted butter and the middles are brimming with daun-made nutella frosting. open the plastic container it is being held in, and you smell the creme filling that is usually in hostess cupcakes.

mandi's yard sale was to-day and i delivered 2 cookie sandwiches to her and sal and bought some ballerina slippers.
the other tantalizing photo held by daun, is a bowl of our veri veri teriyaki udon veggie stir fry dish. really slurpy and sticky, outside on the porch we ate bowls of it with chopsticks and sweated mustaches.


pleasers please my palate.  

since i got a j-o-b f-i-n-a-l-l-y down here, daun and i had lunch at laughing planet today!
she texted me "me so hungy" and i greeted her in the superman ice cave library.
we walked down the alley and saw leah! with her curly hair in pig tails and proceeded to buy a red, i thought was blue, superman ice cave kombucha drink beverage.
we ate burritos and veg burgers by the frank zappa dec.21 same birthday as me paintings.
dauns ethiopian burrito was the sauce! it was full of randy lentils, rice, potatoes, tofu...
and my veggie burger was about an " thick.
we are planning a kayak/canoe trip next week and some gypsy market action on saturday night. my first paycheck daun and i are going to eat at hogwarts.


Biscuits & Nutella Cupcakes!  

Mandy came for the weekend! We walked our little legs off and played in a fountain. we spotted a black winged, green bodied dragonfly next to a woodsy creek. we sat at the coffee shop and ate vegan peanut butter-chocolate chip bars. the chocolate chips on top were goo because the shop was warm. we shared a berry smoothie. we watched vicky cristina barcelona & thelma and louise.
I successfully re-created daun's famous biscuit recipe for Monday morning biscuits! And we had a nice strawberry, frozen banana salad.
I got my hair cut today and bought a vintage $2 dress at cactus flower.
Daun & Chris had another Tuesdate and I had a date in bed with Rocky and some vegan hash. (gimme lean, potatoes, tofu)
We baked vctotw chocolate cupcakes for Benny's Mommy with nutella frosting (unvegan= butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, nutella, heavy cream) heavenly smell.


b-ton hottttt  

hot summer in b-ton. with cold food. & a takeout vegan pizza from aver's last week after the Landlord house show.


you hit pancake. done!  

These past few days have been walkings out with iggy, snacking on linzer cookies from daun's work (the best cookie), making more rainbow bracelets/neckies, watching 2 fat ladies, the duchess, finding neverland. party, thursday night.
watching the home dogs today, and going to a landlord show tonight.


Yard Sale weekend party.  

yard sale weekend blow-out!
we had a grill-out on saturday with tofu pups (made by leah pup) and boca vegan burgers and daunies baked bean party chip dip.
it was the best weekend i think i've ever had in b-ton. Joe Stone came in the morn with a beagle bagel and shooped. i made some dark chocolate truffles (the wizard). had a virgin pina colada that leah made me....mmmmmmm! i bought about 5 pairs of leah's stockings and some b&w faery stockings that i wore on sunday with my new jean shorts bought from julia.
mom and dad came down on sunday with the dog party and we ate lots and lots of bread. and drank water. That night I went to see my friends band play at rhino's, The Spiral! dorned them with truffles and had austin meet daun and joe stone. talked to matt a bit, he's livin down here now.
Sunday's yard sale was really laid back, Leah brought us breakfast of tofu scramble and fruit. Victoria rode over again on her pink bicycle! and dorey came over and we wore fashionable hats and chris took our picture.
celebrate ! celebrate!
my plate feautured is the grilled tofu pup with K&M and tortilla chips with baked bean dip.


a study on pbj's.  

I stumbled onto a site called Serious Eats. I searched "peanut butter" of course, and found a study on the peanut butter & jelly sandwich. One of the most satisfying treats, a bite of salty & crunchy (i prefer the kroger brand crunchy natural), a bite of sweet & tangy (my favorite jam being blackberry) all between two slices of wheaty bread that is as soft as a down pillow (i love my P.B.J in between 2 slices of Rudi's organic bread, multigrain oat being the closest to white bread without actually having white flour). So serious eats had this study, a bread to pb to jam ratio.
Here is the diagram and ratio.
1 : 0.6 : 0.3 : 1
ratio of bread-to peanut butter-to jam-to bread.

Just ask my friend
Adree, I make the best damn peanut butter sandwich ever. She once asked me to make her a pbj because I always put so much peanut butter on it and it tasted divine.
If you are unsure, really, how to make a pbj, here are instructions and let's not forget the pictures too.


faerys & chocolate  

I am at Daun's for the summer! (my sisters place)
I have an attic upstairs, I call it my faery attic because it inspires me and reminds me of Elsie's upstairs room on Fairytale: a true story.
I have been watching Sex & the city and I finished Chocolat today. Then afterwards, I warmed up a bar of Endangered Species chocolate and am going to make some chocolate truffles rolled in cocoa powder.
I am listening to Faerie Radio, from the World of Froud site. I started a story today, the first story that I have written where the characters were so developed that I didn't have to really think about what they would say next.
I have decided to delve deeper into Faerie, and study more about it. I have forgotten my Faerie tarot set at home though, down in the country.
I have just found a book that seems of interest, "Little Big" by John Crowley.
I am contemplating a brian froud smashed faery tattoo someday, I do like this one. What do you think?