"mmmm chocolate squirrel head" & mango bread!  

daun and i purchased the new Bolthouse Farms thick mango juice smoothie. ideas of mango orange bread with chocolate chips came into our minds.
trader joe's trip on saturday, i bought a generic brand of the mango smoothie and used it in my dessert bread. it is soooo good. nuts too.
adapted the recipe from veganomicon (which daun always has layin around) their recipe for cranberry-orange nut bread.

Here is Mango-Chocolate Chip Bread.
3/4 c bolthouse mango drink/generic brand from trader joe's
1/4 c oil
3/4 c turbinado sugar
1 tsp vanilla (or try orange extraction)
2 c flour (white whole wheat)
1-1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 c semisweet vegan chocolate chips (ghiradelli or trader joe's brand)
1/4 c nuts is optional-i used hickory nuts from papaw and raw walnuts
325F. grease a loafer with veg marg
mix mango smoothie drink, oil, sugar and extract in large bowl. whip real nice.
add in flour, bp, bs, and salt. mix until just all moistened.
fold in chocolate chips and nuts. rubber scrape into loaf pan and bake 1 hour.
cool in pan and then loosen edges and invert onto wire rack.


"they were giving out free butterfinger"  

Mandy's birthday cupcakes! made on wednesday night....for her thursday birthday. vegan marble chocolate-vanilla cupcakes with cinnamon-creme chz tinted neon pink frosting. and the hippy mix box of annie's graham bun-buns.
thursday was new tires on car day and b-town with adree (and free gas station butterfinger and laughing planet tofu-cuban burritos). julia pictured with wickey and headband i crafted for her head.
weekend in btown with opera romeo and juliette in french...trader joe's trip, half price bks, and baby shower...vegan soyrizo-mushroom-onion enchiladas...6 mile hike today with julia and neesa.


chunky tomato-orange stew soup & into the wild documentary.  

adree night! back to our old photoshoot and dinner nights.
had a photoshoot in the front yeeard with a pink tulle dress hanging behind the skeleton, and the half egg hanging chair from the tree.
and her dressed in white and turquoise reeboks, a short short tulle skirt, fishnets to her knees, tall poof hair, candy cigarettes, a deer planter, a moose mug and tons of vibrant blue eyemakeup.

baked mandys birthday cupcakes! (vegan choc-vanilla marble cupcakes!) warm and soffft.
cooked up a big pot of bean-potato-tomato-veg fall harvest stew soup! and watched a small documentary on channel 20 about chris mccandless.!!
the soup contained these ingredients; garbanzo-black-kidney beans, cabbage, sweet potato, cilantro, carrot medallions, thyme, chili powder, dried orange peel, salt, sugar, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, vegetable broth, onion, garlic, celery.....
lad-le it and suck those taters down yr throat.


muff my cup  

cookie baking day with mum!
Halloween shaped (cats, bats, pumpkins, ghosts) sugar cookies with colored powdered sugar frosting and candies (Reese's pieces, candy corn, gummy worms) . just like when i was little at Lissa's old house.
and vegan pumpkin-blueberry cupcakes with cinnamon tofutti crm chz frost. with dino wrappers. and julia child french chef background treatment.
veganomicon pumpkin crumb cake turned into cupcakes.