Easter egg hens & chicks cup-CAKES.  

Took a walk down the road with mum and noodles.
baked these marble chocolate-vanilla cupcakes topped with cinnamon vanilla cream cheese frosting, white sprinkees, and hershey's easter pastel eggs.
crazy baking!
these did turn out pretty cute, and tastier than the maple ones. m
arble cupcake is my favourite.
hens & chicks!


aninaatig ahfiwaagamizigan (maple syrup)  

Yesterday was game day all day long! Played pictionary with mom and dave, with dave's very poorly drawn toad and mom almost wetting her britches. Baked up 8 vegan chocolate cupcakes and a skinny chocolate bundt cake, unfrosted. Frosted the cuppincakes with chocolate butter maple frosting i made up, and sprinkled them with maple sugar and topped with a tiny chunky maple leaf hard candy. I also topped 2 with maple cotton candy fluff, but it deflated soon after back into sugar and maple sugar! Courtesy Leane & Michael's Sugarbush in Salem, IN.
The Sugarstore is my favourite! I think I spent about $60! and with a t-shirt!

My chocolate butter maple frosting receipt;
2/3 cup powdered sugar
1-1/2 or 2 tbsp. cocoa powder
3 tbsp. maple syrup, i used grade B
1 tbsp. butter
Mix all up to syrup, and then beat in butter.


Jammin' dodgers!  

Warmest day of the year yesterday!! Flew my kite again, took a lot of pictures, and baked these jammy dodgers! It took me about 3 hours. They turned out very luscious!
Went and bought Ponyo and watched it last night toooooooo.


cheese's, maple, raw desserts!  

oh, makings makings!
and a very happy day of spring sunshine....and photography and dog walk
ing...little pup is sitting in the sunshine right now coming in thru the door.
On the food site, I have been cooking cheese & mushroom eggs for Dave every morning, and last night I made him one of Jennifer Paterson's own recipes (receipts); Welsh Rarebit! Tonight I am baking up a broccoli-cheese casserole with crushed Ritz crackers on top for Dave and Mom, it's also Survivor night! So that means raw chocolate pudding cup on Mummy's bed.
And along with that raw dessert, I also have raw
chocolate cupcakes topped with maple-almond butter frosting in the fridge, and half of a big raw mango cobbler courtesy ani phyo.
Also, last week Dave made homemade fettuccini alfredo for Mom and him, with heavy whipping cream, salt and pepper, and parmesan cheese. whoa!!! he remember it from his days working in the kitchen at the ordinary. and a picture of stuffed shells i made a few weeks before for him and mommy.
Anddddd to top all these wonderful food times, we went maple-ing down in washington county on sunday, had to watch the pup saturday so didn't get to then, but took him and he just slept in the car! Featured are all the wonderful maple things i purchased in the "sugarstore!"