walt disney's hard-on  

Recieved doughnut pan so early!!!
i can just see myself in these older woman's [late 50's, please!] navy swish pants, in my bloomington kitchen baking doughnuts for friends who are listening to
records in my livin room.
vegan apple cider dough-doughnuts. recipe from veg.times.
glaze is powdered sugar, maple syrup, and apple butter. and a bit of agave. all sweetness
full weekend ahead of a show on friday, babysatting saturday with daun-daun & ren faire!!! on sunday. faery i am.
i can't wait to roll those hot babys in sugar! (donuts or children satting?)

mr. disney's hard on was discussed over chicken noodle soup & lemon bars today at lunch at the ol' orchard.


bake a pie. save yr plastic fork  

Mom and dad gone to st. louisy. baked a vegan derby pie last night.
whoa. fatty sugar cremey pecan pie sticky insides-like...filled with chocolate chips and some hickory nuts from papaw.
whoa. ate outside with my work friends on this really windy day.

planning to have lemon bars, peanut butter cookies, and chicken soup tomorrow at work.

recipe for "sticky chocolate chip-sugar nut pie"
from la dolce vegan, wolffie's derby pie (or Pegasus pie) A derby pie is a chocolate chip-nut pie originating in KY. i love food history.

1/2 c. earth balance, room temp
1 c. sugar
2 tbsp. ground flax seeds
6 tbsp. water
1/2 c. flour
3/4 c. soymilk- i did use very vanilla silk brand
1 tbsp. vanilla
1 c. walnuts- i used hickory nuts shelled by papaw
1 c. chocolate chips-mmmm ghiradelli semisweet is used
1 pie crust*
preheat 350f. blend marg, sugar, flax and water till smooth. add in flour, soymilk, and vanilla. blend again until smoothened. stir in nuts and chocolate. pour in pie crust. bake about 50 mins. 45-50. remove from oven and let cool then refrigerate overnight.
cut small slices or big ones and pop the buttons on your trousers.

pie crust i use-
1-1/2 c. whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 tsp. salt
3 tbsp. sugar
1/2 c. oil
1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
3 tbsp. ice water
whisk flour, salt, and sugar. add in oil, vinegar and water. mix mix mix and press into 9-inch pie pan. pour filling in, then bake according to filling directions!


nonstick my kurt blondie girl  

Ordered a doughnut pan this morning! fresh-baked vegan doughnuts to work by Friday!
apple cider doughnut recipe found in vegetarian times.
work weekend at the orchard, big Scottish festival complete with steamy hot dogs, bowls of shepherd's pie, and big ol' fattttt bbq sandwich
es on sesame buns.
peeing outside and drinking a special oj drink teresa brought for me.

baked the best thicky chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes last week and took into work. thanks to dave for naming them.
more baking tonight!
something filled with chocolate chips...pie?


chris' chili dogs & goblin king tarts!  

daun and i went whoopy last night when we found out we could make dinner for chreees, who had been burning calories all day and sweating, foodless.
we made him 2 happytizers, chili cheese fritos that earlier that day, daun had went a bit stupid for, and warmed up cheez whiz with tortilla chip crumbs from the bottom of the bag.

the finale was 4 chili cheese hot dogs (turkey dogs) on white bread! with home-grated block cheese, a line opposite each other of ketchup & mustard, and sweet relish. douse it again with chili dog sauce. you have a happy boy now.

TODAY taylor and i rode blasterdly bikes to the heartnut festival, bought a ride on the mini coal train & hiked the nature path. watched Labyrinth when we got back and made Goblin King stained berry freezer tarts!
mmmm mmmm good.


dern. dern.  

papaw wanted a blue cake...with hyacinths...? on it. my cousin sara made this ginormous hobby lobby cake pan 14-incher for him. soullled out!!!
black puff dress 2 days in a row. weekend spent in bton. bot town. smoothie today with my work friends at the williamsburg. drenched in dairy whipped cow cream. penis colada flavour-by ronnie
and some of teresas yellow, blackberry orchard style cake.