Baby Princess Tickle-giddles & Caramelized-Banana Cinnamon Rolls.  

Wow! I have been soooo busy! which is very unusual for me!
I am moving in with my sister tomorrow, to live upstairs in the little attic corner that i am going to make beautiful!
On Thursday morning I made some caramelized banana cinnamon rolls to take to Mandy's! Adree came over and helped me and we ran down the road. Adree is pictured
here with Dog (a.k.a. Princey Noodles, Cowboy Higgins, Nudey Noodles, Noodles)
At Mandy's we ended up having a Peter Pan/Wendy/Tink day. We got on the subject of Tinkerbell and then did a Wendy photoshoot. *Mandy pictured at left, as Wendy, with Tink playing on her torso* We also played Sims because they are addicted! We watched Hook & on Friday we watched the real-people Peter Pan movie. There is also Finding Neverland and the Disney Peter Pan, 4!! But we didn't watch those.
We stayed up late on Thurs. playin Sims and we made a sorta fort in Mandys room that fell on us during the night.
On Friday (which Mandy said was a random day...."played sims, took pictures, swam-kinda, watched Peter Pan, I graduated, went to DQ and went to a bonfire")
That is basically what yesterday consisted of.
Today I went to my cousin Jordan's graduation party and ate tons of fruit (eat green grapes & strawberries at the same time, you won't be disappointed) & cashews. I also met Iris, the Brazilian foreign exchange student that is staying with my cousin.
I love her! She reminds me so much of Marilia!
Well, as far as food, the caramelized banana cinnamon rolls with cinnamon-creem chz frosting were AMAZING. I adapted the recipe from the pumpkin cinnamon rolls from 'don't eat off the sidewalk' zine.


Mandy's Grad Party!  

Huge party yesterday! Mandy had her grad party from 2-6. I went at about 12:30 and brought along fudge brownies, peanut butter fudge, and teddy graham cupcakes! The boys played basketball, everyone ate nachos from the nacho bar, it was a drizzly day, so we couldn't swim! :(
I watched the indy 500 race dinner at 7. Here are a bunch of photos from the party!


Peonies & Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.  

Busy day! I ran to Kroger this morning to stock up on baking goods, like sugar and flour. My sugar bag had a hole in it! And I was sprinkling sweet sticky granules on everyone.
Then I rushed home and baked another loaf of Sticky Finger's Bakery Banana-chocolate chimp bread & a batch of Pumpkin cinnamon rolls from "don't eat off the sidewalk!" zine. I saw this recipe at Baking Bird blog and decided I had to make them. You should too! But double the icing recipe and maybe add more sugar inside the filling. Sweeten them more! We kids all has candy-pink sweet toothes. I wrapped up the b-nanner bread in foil and snuggled them in a victoria's secret bag. I snatched the rolls out of the toaster oven with an oven mitt, drizzled them with icing, and ran out the door with the hot pan in hand.
We watched The Crow III on tv and some of Judge Dread? Sylvester Stallone. I got sleepy and petted Sam's cute little circular pups with big popping eyes. They make plopping stone sounds when they jump from couches.
Adri and I ran down the road and sweated a river....and ate Monon carrot cake, my absolute favorite sweet in the world. Mummy bought us a piece!


"What the fluff?!"-Mandy.  

Today was another lovely day and I wanted to go to Brown Co again, but I stayed home and baked spelt biscuits from Babycakes NYC bakery.
I layed outside on a towel and finishe
d writing my second silent movie (in pictures) and tried to fall asleep.
I drove over to Mandy's and we took "urban iris" photos....158! Taylor & I swam in the pond! We went inside and snacked on a true delicacy of Robin's, fresh cut oranges slathered in Hunter's honey. Wow. Mmm. Yum.
We watched Stand by Me and I drove home and tomorrow's food plans are more banana chocolate chimp bread loaves and maybe pumpkin cinnamon rolls all for the boys.


beautiful day in brown co. with katie!  

Katie and I took a little country trip down to beautiful Brown Co. this morning.
We packed up our lunches and I filled the car with banana chocolate chimp bread for her taste buds, and I took a piece to Hal at The Daily Grind. He said it was the best banana bread he'd ever had, and he let me have a free bagel!
I bought some grad presents for Mandy and a small creamer & sugar set at Nature's Cabin.
We lazied in the hanging cloth chairs and went into the candy store and saw my olde favourites, the milk chocolate & white chocolate speckled-peanut butter-filled cows.
We lunched in the gazebo and had oranges and animal crackers. On the way out I bought a wheat bagel for dad.
Lovely, marvelous day! It was slow and we didn't rush at all. The flowers were beautiful in Brown Co!


"i'll hex you!"  

Last night was a celebration!
It was the Survivor Tocantins season finale! Mom and I partied with TyLea and Adree.
Mom prepared non vegan stuffed shells for her and TyLea, they are famous around this house...cream cheese, herbs de provence, basil, and shredded mozzarella stuffed into jumbo shells and baked with marinara sauce covering them. Truly rich and satisfying for omnivore tummies.
Adree and I had a raw night, I made the raw chocolate pudding that I adore, from The Daily
Raw Cafe, and 3 pear frostys from ani's raw food kitchen cookbook.
J.T. took the money and ran!

The photo of the asparagus covered in yellow goo-goo is from today, I made Ani's raw asparagus with cheezy sauce. It was pretty tasty earlier, but is giving my stomach a workover now, and the paint on my walls, its smelly.


"Give me some pants!"-daunie  

daunie's bday party! celebrate! celebrate! with 3 dogs!
i made her some homemade mostly-vegan cinnamon buns, Adree helped me by making the icing drizzle and rolling them up and cutting them for me.
Daunie loooooved them, they were very lavish & professional.
We went to the library and rented "Moonstruck" and drove to the local fish fry at the fire department so daun could get her a sammy.
we made souuup! with spinach, beans, chili powder, ground meatless, and macaroni noodl
es. it was garbage soup because it was aging cans of veg and flabby vegetables on their last legs. it turned out super tasty.


tuna melt & survivor  

TyLea's tuna melt today and Survivor Australia allll daaaay looonggg!
And TyLea made a dip with pinto beans, cumin, salt, shredded cheddar, and sour cream with large restaurant style tortilla chips.


banana bread dough  

I currently have a puffy loaf of BabycakesNYC banana bread in the oven. I have a huge amount of discounted, browning bananas that I am going to just mash up in a huge cauldron so I can bake up about 5 loaves of banana bread. I am QUEEN! of banana bread!
Counting this loaf, I have baked up 5 different loaves of banana bread (my own recipe, the farm's, veganomicon's, sticky fingers bakery chimp bread, and this babycakes kind)
Lately I have been planning what treats of mine I would bake up for a bakery's staples. I want my own little vegan bakery complete with my frosty banana bread and my cookie sandwiches with what i think is the best, chocolate fudge frosting.

Well I had to bake my babycakes bread for a long long long time...so it burned the top but got most of the gummy out.
It is pretty tasty now! It is really the only substantial thing I have eaten all day long...geee wiz. i go raw and this happens. i go back. for a short time.
i did down about half a bag of veggie booty a couple nights ago. in the blink of one eye.
i'd like to think my bread is beautiful and not a slop fest with a dark top and pieces torn off, so we are going to say it looks like this one.


sour grass & victoria's secret.  

Have tasted of the first sour grass of the season!
It sounds good on my hummus sandwich lunch.
I have my first orientation tonight at Victoria's Secret, with my new black tops, pants, pencil skirt, and ballet flats.


Pee rom.  

Prom night! and more raw pudding.
took mandy & adree's prom pics. then drove over to the spirals band practice and stayed till 10, jammin. in a top hat and corset over a bright red dress. much too many boys.
I also baked up some no-bake cookies for the lovely gorgeous's, but no picture of them. I love adree's bootie heels!

rawr rawr! The dirties and pudding.  

raw (or very close to) pudding during survivor! oh what a treat it was, rich and whippy. I do believe this will be a staple in my stomach from now on.

1 om-go-doe (avocado ya'll)
1/2 cup agave neck-tire
1/4 cup cocoa power

1/4 tsp seal salt

2 Tbsp. vanilla extraction

2 Tbsp. walter

  • bland and drizzel in walter 1 tbsp at a time, he doesn't mind. (i rhyme) recipe from the daily raw cafe.
  • photo courtesy martha stewart.


bread back & beyond.  

adree visited tonight!
and we made Babycakes bakery chocolate chip cookies. goo fest flat little SQUARE! cookies.
yum yum. she put a dollop of strawberry frosting next to the cookies.
i had to sell precious goods at half price books to get the bakery cookbook. haha. and i had to sell more last week to get my conor outer south love album. albumen.
i had about 4, and now i am going to be raw again. I eat raw & Babycakes sweets!
we talked about conor & taylor & the concert the whole time and sat in her van and talked of habits that nuns style on their sinless bodies.
now she is gone and i am left alone with my aviators. I love having beautiful food models like Mandy & Adri!


pink sunshine!  

May 1st! I enjoyed this smoothie for breakfast! It is the same bright pink as the sequin dress Mandy is "wearing" hehe. Photo taken this past Saturday. TyLea spent the night and we had a Survivor night with mum on the couch.
This smoothie had: 1-banana, 2 dates, 1/2 c. raspberries, 1/2 c. blueberries, 1/4 c. pineapple, 1/4-1/3 c. black raspberries, and good Vietnamese cinnamon (about 1/2 tsp). The fruit was frozen except for the banana and dates! By far the best smoothie I have made in the past 4 days! Chomping on a pear right now...have to shower and go to my interview at Victoria's Secret!