raw cake, a pink walled bedroom.  

Signing onto a lease for a little house in the woods! With an old green train/tram car in the side of the yard, overgrown with ivy. sorry no photos yet... hopefully moving in in two weeks with dave (pony friend who is a human boy) and catfish (my black dwarf bunny). going to paint my bedroom a "carousel bubblegum pink" as i told dave last night in the volvo.
I like Behr paint, and i love the color of this wall! it's orchid rose.
then there's my raw cake, ani phyo's raspberry ganache fudge cake, without the raspberries. halved recipe to make a single layer hand-formed cake.


ladies who snack and take their clothes off....  

Nice big ladies clothing swap last night at daun-daun's!!
no pictures from it...but there is this photo of coleco in a cake box that i lovvve. it speaks enough for the party i think.
daun made deviled eggs [the old fashioned smelly hor'doevre party food] to put on her new 50cent "mermaid shell ashtray egg plate". i made veganomicon's chocolate raspberry preserve cookies except i used blackberry preserves and they were full of good ol' white sugar.

then there were daun's famous biscuits, 1/2 filled with cubes of cheddar and the other half with gouda and apple.
big fur coat...1 piece blue jumper...white legwarmers with multicolored hearts....a dress..


Popcorn-unicorn skirt & raw pecan pie cookies.  

Dress-up day...liza kate and cold mountain soundtrack music.

Ani Phyo's Raw Pecan Pie Cookies.

1 cup pecans
1 tsp good vietnamese cinnamon
1 tsp orange oil/juice (i used mango juice)

1 cup pitted medjool super soft dates.

All in a food processor, party the pecans, cinnamon and orange. pulse to small chunky bits. add dates and process until mixed well.
Shape into 10 hearts.

imaginarium of sushi.....  

On Saturday, Dave and I burnt ourselves out on driving around and looking for a neat old cabin in the woods to live in....so we headed up north to the movie theatre and saw "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus".
Good good. inspired me for my small plays i'm going to put on in spring and summer down at [the cabin].

Then next came Kabuto!! sushi bar eating....seaweed salad, shrimp tempura roll & fried rice for dave...and i had vegetable roll, avocado roll & 2 bean curd pockets. mmmm. full.

randy's joker cakes.  

This post is quite awhile back...dave's day-dee had a birthday a couple weeks ago...january 8th i believe, and he told me one day he loved the Appleworks Dutch Country pumpkin rolls rolled up with cream cheese icing...so I baked him up moisty pumpkin cupcakes and filled them with rich cream cheese icing, and stuck 2 pictures of the joker in there, he went berz-erk.


snow castles, tempeh's temperature.  

well here I'm back again....after a day of hiking at brown co. state park, the ogle lake trail full of photographing trees, frozen lake, and the slowly running creek with snow mounds. then the #8- 3.6 mile hike with dave slipping and falling twice in his big no grip boots and me slipping on a bridge and catching myself on the rail like a cartoon.
we were ravaged after the hike, ravaged for food, deprivation of nutrients. we split half a choco-coconut Larabar. headed for kroger and bfoods.
Made "Jamaican curried tempeh tacos" & "Pineapple lassi's"
mmmmmmmm . mmmmmmm . mmmmmmm .

dave said they were better than laughing planet burritos. i would have added a couple of things; tomato sauce perhaps, and more pineapple juice....
we served them with salsa and some pre-made bfoods bbq seitan. and curly burny mustard greens.
THEN after the 2 burritos Dave had, i made the vegan pineapple lassi's.....
here's whatcha doooo!

Combine all these in a blender;
2 cups vanilla soy yogurt (I use Silk)
1 cup crushed pineapple in juice
1/3 cup pineapple juice
1/4 cup lite coconut milk
12 ice cubes
i tweaked it by adding pineapple juice & 6 more ice cubes than what it called for.

Thanks! I'm full!