i can't keep my pants clean...when you bake me cakes  

ultimate laughing planet dinner with TyLea. our glittered eyes made us think we saw moths. underwear shopping at target, salty salty spicy jalapeno guac at the l.p. restaurant. tylea had a classic burrito with pinto beans, and secret sour cream tucked inside. i had my veggie burger with really melty hot soy cheez on top, the tastiest burger and best trip to laughing planet, at night right before quittin' time. stepped in deep puddles to and from. ANDY D! at rachael's cafe around midnight, playing golf with tylea.


leo birthday sweets.  

The round balls were made for Taylor, her 13th birthday. they are chocolate cake balls with my fudge cocoa frosting, a layer of caramel frosting, and rainbow sprinkees.
The white cake is a white cake for dad's birthday, happening today. he is 52 today.
The white cake recipe is from vegan cupcakes take over the world, and the frosting is a roux first, then sugar-butter mixture from the farm's cookbook.
butter & eggs flowers on top and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

"i love GAS!"-julia.  

Spent the night with julia the other night and we had luscious curry dinner-supper.
tons of veg from her fridge; mushrooms, baby corn, fresh basil from the windowsill, carrots, a whole onion!, fresh ginger, garlic i believe, cauliflower.
and thin ! thin! rice noodles.
and her economy packs of jarred coconut milk curry sauce.
mmm mmmm mmmmm. better the second time while watching mulholland dr. with toasted sourdough!



Homemade grilled corn i shucked the hairs from in the rain.
i had never had it before, it is tasty and sweet. i love the bi-color.
watched prince caspian today and wrote a poem inspired by the
upcoming movie, "bright star". need to bake taylor's birthday treat....make adree's short tulle skirt tomorrow, like the one i made for mandy [pictured]!


chocolate caramel-coated ballerina pie cake!  

mermaid+faery+doll+pirate party ended up being doll+pirate party!
covered in tulle and eating real meat hamburgers (not i) we watched "the fearless vampire killers" NO BATH! NO BATH! (which i used that quote tonight at a dinner theatre game of whose line?)
onto the foodin's....i baked a chocolate vegan cake, covered it in the remainder of the pink frosting daunie made for my b-ton mermaid pirate taco cupcake party and then made a lattice design with thick caramel frosting! and sprinkee-sprinkles!

like a cherry pie! really good rich cake that we ate while playing a new card game, "golf". putting this pie cake recipe in my new cakewalk III zine!
also in attendance, but not pictured: katie & tyLea!


green dirty home dish  

my wheat spaghetti had meal worms. so i couldn't use it. i had mixed up wolffie's nutritional yeast cheez sauce and had the water boiling. all i had was green noodles from japan.
buckwheat green tea japanese noodles with vegan cheez sauce and curry ketchup. mmmm der-tee
it was good last night but not looking so good today. i think spaghetti makes me sick now, or was it too much honey with breakfast?


waffle tats!  

movie night! 2 bette davis movies, popcorn, chocolate trail mix, chips-salsa-guac and spinach cheese pasty savouries. with mickey, julia, victoria, and edwin.
next day, waffles for breakfast![whole wheat-blackberry-blueberry-banana] and then for lunch [buckwheat-dark chocolate chip-raspberry] again before heading off to the lake for big waves, warm bananas & gingersnap cookies, and frisbee-in'.


coleco's homegrown blackberry waffles.  

WAFFLES! the name of my future bunny/cat. is what we made this morning, last minute before daun went off to work. used the veganomicon recipe for the banana-nut waffles and tweaked it to our bare cupboard ingredients. added blueberries & blackberries. left out the nuts. never nuts. never nutmeg. here ya are...steal your mom's waffle maker and make up some. our recipe made 4 largies.
b.b.b waffles.
1-3/4 c. soymilk

1/4 c. water

OR soy creamer & water for the liquid

2 tsp. apple cider vinegar

2 bananas

3 tbsp. oil

1 tbsp. honey (or 3)

1 tsp vanilla

2-1/4 c. whole wheat flour

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 c. each of frozen blueberries & blackberries
plug in waffle iron to preheat. mix soymilk, water and vinegar. set aside to curdle. mash bananas, add to soymilk mixture along with oil, honey and vanilla. stir. mix dry in seperate bowl and add wet to dry, mix until just combined. oil waffle iron gridges and pour batter on. cook until done and soft!


a sandwich for Old Rabies  

Came back into town on monday.
stopped at Bfoods. DADDY! bought me a bag of veggie booty and a grab n' go blackened tofu sandwich [my favourite flavoured sandwich]
daun and i have also discussed the amount of veggie booty in 1 bag, we agree that we would pay any amount of money for any amount in the bag, but agree that they need to double the amount [of powdered spinach-sugar snack] to about 8 oz. instead of a measly 2 serving 4 oz. bag when the back of the bag states there are 4 servings. bullshit.