Tofu Pottin' Pie!  

I baked the veggie pot pie recipe from la dolce vegan! i added tofu so it could be like little chicken-ey chunks. it was scrumptious. the dough did not "roll out" so i shaped little round biscuits and plopped them on top. i also had some peas! i love-ed them. i enjoyed my pot pie while enjoying ewan mcgregor in "cassandra's dream"


Vanilla Vanilla!  

Cupcakes for Daunie! Dad and I are traveling to B-ton today and I made Daunie some vegan white vanilla cupcakes!


Homemade tomato sauce & noodles  

i cooked noodles from la dolce vegan today, they were made with tofu and flour basically. they were thick, and just like egg noodles. The tomato sauce was Giada's homemade tomato sauce, with some celery and carrots, oh it was marvelous. i could eat it with a spoon!



i really wanted some bagels today after seeing some on "sex and the city", in a basket. They were so scrumptious I think I ate 5. I was gnawing on bagels all day long. They are made with whole wheat pastry flour and come from- The Farm's Cookbook. (Janet's Bagels).