"are you pukin'? usually if i'm down on the floor like that, i'm pukin!"-steve.  

Thanksgiving at teresa's this year! i baked a vegan pumpkin pie and topped it with chocolate ganache the night before....i planned to only have it and just snack on apples at her house, but i ended up running to kroger the morning of with noodles and buying onion, celery, dog biscuits for noodles and then they didn't have a roll of vegan gimme lean sausage, so i had to run to the other kroger up north and buy it with some steamfresh corn, tofutti cuties, a quorn to'rkey roast log and annie's macaroni for dave.
i went home and mixed up 2 pans of vegan cornbread sausage stuffing....oh man is it fantastical. lots of sage and thyme, and browned gimme lean sausage...dave picked me up and we
headed to teresa's. i grabbed my purple apron.

At teresa's, i put my quorn turkey in the toaster oven to bake and brown. mixed up dave's white cheddar macaroni, and microwaved my corn. teresa had a huge table of dark and white meat turkey, sweet potatoes extra sweetened, noodles cooked in meat broth, brown and serve rolls, croissants, stuffing, puppy chow, pumpkin and pecan pie, mashed potatoes, and celery-carrots-green olives with ranch dippins.
She made me a huge pot of hot spiced apple cider with captain morgan's in it.
the house was warm from the fire, i wore my apron and my tall knee socks and pink shorts.

we watched the goonies and got sleepy on the couch. i had 2 plates of me food.
teresa's friend steve came over, and i believe i have found the spokesperson for quorn t'rkey roast, he was eating a medallion of the fungus mycoprotein "meat" and he said it tasted like real turkey, while wearing a navy baseball cap that read something like..."nuckin futs..." this is also the man that called me dave's "old lady".
fun fun time at teresa's house. after we sat a bit and had a go at the food, teresa and i made peanut butter fudge from katie's recipe-using marshmallow creme. then we baked hunter's birthday cake, a chocolate texas sheet cake with rich rich chocolate pecan icing on top.

what a good day.


thank you satan for kroger-joe stone  

Huge party weekend called Halloween/Samhain. baking & cooking friday night and carved pumpkins, a puker, a bug eyed-jack skellington-like and the pentacle. Lunch party at 2 pm.
hot red cider heating in the crockpot, huge salad with b
est homemade dressing [paprika, oil, salt, sugar, dry mustard powder, olive/veg oil and rice vinegar] from julia. 2 kinds of roasted pumpkin seeds and asiago kroger cheese bread from andy d and v. and biscuits (with 2 vegans) by v.
cooked up 2 large pots of gypsy soup (moosewood cookbook). sweet sugary
pumpkin seeds by chris and butterfinger toll house that got turned into mini chocolate pudding butterfinger crusted whipped cream topped little fridge cakes. Also on the dessert side were chocolate-cinnamon cupcakes frosted with floofy floofy airy chocolate frosting, and we topped them with sugar crystal decorations. spun sugar.
Recipe for GYPSY SOUP
3-4 tbsp oil of the olive. 2 c chopped onions. 2 cloves crushed garlic. 2 c chopped & peeled s
weet potatoes. 1/2 c chopped celery. 1 c chopped tomatoes. 3/4 c chopped sweet peppers. 1-1/2 c cooked chickpeas. 3 c stock/water. 2 tsp paprika. 1 tsp turmeric. 1 tsp basil. 1 tsp salt. dash cinnamon. dash cayenne. 1 bay leaf. 1 tbsp tamari.
soup kettle: saute onions, garlic, celery, and s. pot. in oil 5 mins. add seasonings except tamari, and the stock/water. simmer covered 15 mins. add tomatoes, peppers, chickpeas, and tamari. simmer 10 mins or till veg are tendery dendery.

Recipe for RED CIDER. from martha.
1 orange. 32 oz. cranberr
y juice. 2-3 inch cinnamon sticks. 1-2 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced.
remove 2 3-inch long pieces of orange peel from orange, throw in a crockpot. juice the orange and strain seeds & pulp. to the crockpot, add orange juice, cranberry juice, cinnamon sticks and ginger peels. heat heat heat until steamy.
THEN on sunday it was andy d's bday, so i baked him a key lime pie. complete with meringue on top too. a bowl of sugar borrowed from the neighbors.
recipe from an old recipe postcard daun sent me from florida.
florida's state pie. the key lime pieeeh.