brownie-stuffed cupcakes!  

Last night Miss Julia, sagittarius had a dinner party for mickey! i baked some brownies that were bubbly and really gooey, so i baked peanut butter cupcakes too. when the cupcakes came out, i made a hole in the middle of each of them and shoved in a brownie wad. (vctotw peanut butter cupcakes, with a brownie recipe on the back of the ghiradelli sweet chocolate cocoa mix, veganized) we had lasagna, bread, salad, cantaloupe, cherries, blackberries, and wine. by the end of the night i was so tired and i rode the bike home in the rain. it is dark today and rainy. i'd like to go hiking! tomorrow i'm taking mickey to laughing planet for lunchins and burritos. *yesterday i ended up touring part of bloomington in rashad's car with him and TyLea. He is looking around for apartments. we visited daun at bfoods (rashad used this word, already using the local lingo) and they ate at wendys. their hamburger was wrapped in a package marked hamburger. toured the music store and tylea mentioned the pink ice cream that mickey was eating, so i showed them the way to The Chocolate Moose. TyLea got exactly what mickey got, 2 scoops of strawberry in a sugar cone and Rashad got a giant chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich! I snapped photos of them. (photos to be added later today)

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