witch hot dog bowl.  

exciting pleasure (tylea's name on my guestbook.)

went to see mandy today at work, bought a bag of 70 purple balloons, unicorn invitations! and a giant shiny pink flamingo for the party in bloomington.
i ate raw for breaky and lunch.
then dinner i cooked a huge pot of vegan mac and cheez with peas and cut-up smart dogs.
i ate a big really dirty bowl of it while watching Bell, Book & Candle. My boyfriend Mr. Jack Lemmon. and beautiful Kim Novak.
dame darcy reviewed it in one of her meatcake comics and i got it at the library today.
[no photo] because my camera has not batteries. it has of the zero number of batteries.
tomorrow is perhaps rollerskating with katie, and maybe target for some hair colour.

What next?

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