Was scouring the internet for recipes, as i usually do when i am a bit boring...
visited raw food blogs again and that got me wanting to start it up once more. i was really raw before i moved down here for the summer, then i got down here and started gorging on vegan smart dogs & daunie's homemade biscuits.
so for dinner i made some banana soft serve ice cream.
just puree frozen bananas until they are really whippy and awesome looking. until they look like silky white velvety mooshy softness that you want to put into your mouth.
i got Gilda from the library, i wanted to watch it again after victoria mentioned it on facebook and said they had her makeup case at the library full of orson welles love letters. i have yet to make an appt. and view it, but it would be lovely to see it.

What next?

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