pink frosty on my lips.  

Leftover pizza 2 days ago! Pancake is always present when I snap foody pics. We haven't baked anything new lately, but I am hoping daunie will make ani phyo's raw raspberry chocolate ganache fudge cake and bring me a piece on Friday. i have been craving a donut....that's not normal for me. I remember these super glazed, super soft yeasted donuts Dad and i used to buy. They were in a red and white package and are always at those dusty floored local grocery stores. I used to eat them with milk.
I have a photoshoot planned with Mickey tomorrow! We are lunching and then I'm buying him an ice cream at The Chocolate Moose!
Photos to come of our lunch and him gorging ice cream...and maybe I'll get lucky and eat a vegan donut along the way....

What next?

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