donut holes, hugs, tall bikes!  

finally! donuts for me! vegan styled! met mickey at soma & we walked to the vegan bake-sale benefit. ordered $1 donut holes (cinnamon sugary goo-ness middles) and a bowl of dreamsicle temptation ice cream! $1 melty! delicious. andy d. and i rode on edwin's double tall bike. it was awesome! ("death defying"-andy) the photo at bottom is a representation of the bike (pic from google)...the seat towers over bike racks. it is rather large.
Looks to be a rainy day today...no plans yet.
Cooked some rice on the stove, at which I am horrid at, and 'et it with some curry daun brought home and discovered a huge container of pot pie in the back of the fridge! gaaaaaaaaa. also pictured at top is daun and i's lunch yesterday. a big pot of veggies (red pepper, tomato, asparagus, corn) cooked with marinated seitan and a bit of rice. tasty cheap.

Rollerderby tonight!

What next?

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